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Delphi panels: A consensus method for evaluating healthcare interventions

Since it was first developed, the Delphi method has been used in a number other disciplines, such as health, education, and environmental science. The method has also been employed by various health technology assessment (HTA) organisations, including the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in England and the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) in Scotland, to evaluate the clinical and cost-effectiveness value of new drugs and treatments.

Maximising the Potential of Cell and Gene Therapies: Three Key Benefits of Early Economic Modelling

This blog explores the benefits of early economic modelling in cell and gene therapies. It is critical to explore the economic implications of these therapies and the importance of early economic modelling to assess their viability and impact on healthcare systems. Cell and gene therapies represent a high-risk, high-reward approach to treating disease, with significant economic implications.

Market Access Challenges for Rare Disease Treatments

Living with a rare disease is a unique and often difficult experience. Patients with rare diseases often face significant challenges in getting an accurate diagnosis, accessing appropriate medical care and treatment, and managing the impact of their condition on their daily lives. One of the biggest challenges for patients with rare diseases is the limited number of available treatment options. Due to the small number of patients affected by these diseases, there is often limited research and development of effective treatments.

Making Plans for World Rare Disease Day 2023

MAP is once again proud to support Rare Disease Day, which is due to take place on 28 February 2023. The theme of this year’s Rare Disease Day is ‘effective coordination of care’, which is essential to help people living with rare conditions and their families minimise the impact of appointments on their busy lives and help healthcare professionals work together effectively to provide high-quality and joined-up care.

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