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Happy Rare Disease Day

Rare Disease Day is a globally coordinated patient-led movement working towards equity in social opportunity, healthcare, and access to therapies for people affected by rare diseases. Read this blog to learn more about the day and about MAP’s vital work in accelerating patient access for rare diseases.

Market Access in Canada and Challenges for Orphan and Ultra-Orphan Diseases

Healthcare in Canada has been identified as being fragmented, and obtaining Market Access is cumbersome and lengthy. Rare diseases are a complex issue but account for a large amount of healthcare spending. Currently there is no orphan medicine framework in Canada. Planned changes announced by the Patented Medicines Pricing and Review Board (PMPRB) to promote fair and equal pricing to medicines, may see the prices of drugs for rare diseases being reduced significantly, making Canada a less attractive market for pharma in the future.

New Year, New Name, New Look

It was 10 years ago that Christian Hill co-founded MAP with his wife Dawn. Their mission was to transform healthcare Market Access to reach patients sooner with innovative medicines and devices. This year marks 10 years since MAP was founded, read this blog to find out how we are celebrating this milestone year.

Member experience project

Earlier this year, the MAP team undertook an internal project, exploring the views and experiences of our members of using MAP Online. We used qualitative research methods to gain a better understanding of how our members currently use our products to inform our company’s future vision and growth.

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